Coastal Observations: a Biological Perspective

Phytoplankton Lab

Image of the Phytoplankton LabThe Phytoplankton Photophysiology Laboratory's research progresses on multiple fronts, from studying the physiology of the phytoplankton cell to understanding phytoplankton distributions in the coastal waters off of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

We are interested in how the biology and the optical properties of the phytoplankton cell are coupled. Understanding this relationship allows for more accurate and robust relationships to be established with Remote Sensing of Ocean Color, a major mission at NASA.

We are currently funded to develop a coastal observatory off of the coast of Virginia and host several oceanographic cruises on a biweekly and seasonal basis. We are also doing technology development for the creation of a surface autonomous vehicle called OASIS. We continue to perform culture work to complete detailed physiological and optical studies as well.